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In the sixth round of West Division II, in the absence of Wu Lei due to injury, the Spaniard lost 0-1 to Vallecano and suffered the first defeat of the new season. Wu Lei used to be criticized for wasting opportunities, but when he was not on the court, we found that the Spaniard had no good offensive opportunities on the offensive end.


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In this round against Vallecano, Wu Lei did not go to the away field with the team due to injury. In the previous rounds of West Second Division, Wu Lei also played with injury, which more or less affected his performance. In the absence of Wu Lei, the head coach Moreno looked for a starting replacement for Puado, but the latter was in a normal state and could not replace Wu Lei at all.


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According to statistics after the game, the Spaniards had only 3 shots in total in the whole game, and none of them were on goal, while the opponent’s total number of shots was as high as 11, 3 times on goal, and scored a goal. The reaction was in the lack of such a quick counter-attack point as Wu Lei. The Spaniard was suppressed by Vallecano throughout the game and could not attack at all. He wanted to seek a draw, but the final stage of the game still failed to withstand the opponent. In the 88th minute, Vallecano's offense was defeated by Vallecano. This was Diego Lopez's first goal this season, and it was also the first defeat suffered by the Spaniard after he was dropped into the Second Division.

根据赛后的统计数据,西班牙人整场比赛总共只有3球,而且没有一个射门,而对手的总射门次数高达11球,有3次射门得分。 。反应是缺乏像吴磊这样的快速反击点。西班牙人在整个比赛中都被Vallecano压制,根本无法进攻。他想寻求平局,但比赛的最后阶段仍然无法抵挡对手。在第88分钟,瓦莱卡诺的进攻被瓦莱卡诺击败。这是迭戈·洛佩兹(Diego Lopez)本赛季的第一个进球,也是西班牙人跌入第二分区后的首次失利。

Before this game, Wu Lei's presence in the Spaniard this season was a bit embarrassing. From the perspective of the game, he did not help the team, but seemed to be a factor preventing the Spaniard from winning. In the past three league games, the Spaniard broke the deadlock after Wu Lei's exit, and the players who came on the bench for Wu Lei participated in the goal. In the third round, against Real Oviedo, Wu Lei was replaced in the 60th minute. De Thomas, who replaced him, scored twice and helped the team beat the opponent 2-0.

在本场比赛之前,吴磊本赛季在西班牙人的出现有些尴尬。从比赛的角度来看,他没有帮助球队,但似乎是阻止西班牙人获胜的一个因素。在过去的三场联赛中,西班牙人打破了吴磊退出后的僵局,替吴磊坐在替补席上的球员也参加了比赛。在第三轮对阵皇家奥维多的比赛中,吴磊在第60分钟被换下。代替他的德·托马斯(De Thomas)得分两次,并帮助球队2-0击败了对手。

In the fourth round against Shabadour, Wu Lei was replaced by Melamed in the 72nd minute, who scored the winning goal for the Spaniard 12 minutes after his debut. In the fifth round of the home scene against Alcocon, Wu Lei exited after halftime. Melamed, who replaced him, sent a key cross in the 75th minute to help De Thomas complete the goal.

在对阵沙巴杜尔的第四轮比赛中,吴磊在第72分钟被梅拉梅德(Melamed)取代,梅拉梅德在首次亮相后12分钟就为西班牙人赢得了进球。在主场对阵Alcocon的第五轮比赛中,吴磊在中场休息后退出。接替他的梅拉梅德(Melamed)在第75分钟内送出了一个关键的传中,以帮助De Thomas完成进球。

In addition, Wu Lei was criticized by the Spanish media after the game because he missed the chance to score a goal. In the fifth round against Alcocon, Wu Lei won consecutive starts, but was replaced after halftime. After the game, Spain’s “Aspen” said: “The coach Moreno gave him 45 minutes, but he still failed to finish. In the 32nd minute of the game, he made a mistake that he would make in front of goal every game. , Got a great almost to break the deadlock, but the header went too far."

此外,比赛结束后,吴磊因错过进球机会而受到西班牙媒体的批评。在对阵Alcocon的第五轮比赛中,吴磊获得了连续的首发,但在半场结束后被换下。比赛结束后,西班牙的“阿斯彭”说:“教练莫雷诺给了他45分钟,但他仍然未能完成比赛。在比赛的第32分钟,他犯了一个错误,每场比赛他都会在进球前犯错。 ,几乎打破了僵局,但标头走得太远了。”

However, after seeing the lacklustre performance of the Spaniard on the offensive end in this game, perhaps the "Aspen" will re-examine the role of Wu Lei in the team. The audience hit the goal with three feet, zero shots, and was killed by the opponent in the 88th minute of the game. If Wu Lei were on the court today, all this might not have happened.


Without Wu Lei, the Spaniard obviously lost a counter-attack point in the frontcourt in this game. In the past, the long pass from the backcourt directly went to Wu Lei, and the routine that put Wu Lei behind the opponent was never played. , Causing the offensive end to turn off completely. At this time, we discovered that although Wu Lei wasted some opportunities on the court in the past, at least the Spaniard could get a chance, and when Wu Lei was away, the team didn't even have a good offensive opportunity.

没有吴磊,西班牙人显然在这场比赛中失去了前场的反击点。过去,后场的长传直接传给了吴磊,而将吴磊置于对手后面的常规赛从未进行过。 ,导致进攻端完全关闭。这时,我们发现,尽管吴雷过去在球场上浪费了一些机会,但至少西班牙人还是有机会,而当吴雷不在时,球队甚至没有很好的进攻机会。

Wu Lei encountered the embarrassment that the team immediately broke the deadlock after being replaced in the first few rounds. We can understand that it was he who consumed the opposing defender very well when he was on the court and indirectly helped the team who came on the bench. The new force completed the fatal blow. In this scene against Vallecano, the Spaniard lacks Wu Lei, and there is no substitute player to play the role of a surprise player after the debut.


The Spaniards are now facing similar problems with the Chinese national team in the process of using Wu Lei. In the past, Wu Lei was also criticized for wasting opportunities in national football matches, but when Wu Lei was missing, the Chinese team did not even have a decent chance in the frontcourt. Of course, if Wu Lei can grasp those opportunities, it is best, but when he misses the opportunities, we must also be clear that those opportunities are actually made by him. It is true that he may not be able to run out of such opportunities for an individual , Puado, who replaced Wu Lei's starter, failed to do so.


In this game, although the Spaniard lost 0-1, Wu Lei's role in the team was highlighted by contrast. I believe that after returning from injury, he will still be the head coach Moreno's number one on the front line. The pick.


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