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bet官网入口_【深度】王勤伯:十年重圆欧冠梦 解构匈牙利的政治与足球

The total score of the two rounds was 3 to 3. The Hungarian team Ferencvaros eliminated Norwegian champion Molde with an away goal and broke into the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League group stage. This is the Hungarian team's return to the Champions League after 10 years. The last time it was in Debrecen in the 2009-10 season.

两轮比赛的总比分是3到3。匈牙利队Ferencvaros客场进球淘汰了挪威冠军Molde,并闯入2020-21 UEFA Champions League小组赛阶段。这是匈牙利队经过10年的重返欧冠。上一次是2009-10赛季在德布勒森。

Many people know Hungarian football through the "golden generation of the 50s" represented by Puskas, so the first Hungarian club to remember is Honved, which literally means the "Patriarchal Club" of Hungary and belongs to the army , Is the Bayi team of Hungary at that time.

许多人通过以Puskas为代表的“ 50年代的黄金一代”了解匈牙利足球,因此第一个要记住的匈牙利俱乐部是Honved,字面意思是匈牙利的“家长制俱乐部”,属于军队,是匈牙利的八一队。那时候。

In fact, the first giant with the largest population of Hungarian football fans, the most domestic honors and the best foreign war results is not Honved, but Ferencvaros. This team also comes from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. "Varos" means "city, urban area" in Hungarian, and "Ferenc Varos" actually means Ferenc District.

实际上,匈牙利足球迷人口最多,国内荣誉最多,对外战争成绩最好的第一巨头不是洪维德,而是费伦茨瓦罗斯。该团队也来自匈牙利首都布达佩斯。 “ Varos”在匈牙利语中表示“城市,市区”,而“ Ferenc Varos”实际上是指Ferenc区。

Ferencvaros has won 31 Hungarian League titles and 23 Hungarian Cup titles. The most famous star in the history of this team is the 1967 Ballon d'Or winner Albert. It was under the leadership of Albert that they won the Expo Cup (predecessor of the UEFA Cup) in the 1964-65 season. The last time Ferencvaros was from the three major cups was the 1974-75 season, when they lost to Dynamo Kyiv in the Cup Winners Cup final. In the 1995-96 season, Ferenc Varos eliminated Belgium's Anderlecht in the qualifying round and became the first Hungarian team to enter the Champions League.

Ferencvaros赢得了31个匈牙利联赛冠军和23个匈牙利杯冠军。这支球队历史上最著名的明星是1967年Ballon d'Or冠军阿尔伯特。在阿尔伯特(Albert)的领导下,他们赢得了1964-65赛季的博览会杯(欧洲联盟杯的前身)。费伦茨瓦罗斯(Ferencvaros)上一次进入三大杯是1974-75赛季,当时他们在优胜者杯决赛中输给了基辅迪纳摩。在1995-96赛季,费伦茨·瓦罗斯(Ferenc Varos)在排位赛中淘汰了比利时的安德莱赫特(Anderlecht),成为第一支进入冠军联赛的匈牙利队。

Ferencvaros qualified for the Champions League and eliminated 4 league champions: Swedish champion Zogadens, Scottish champion Celtics, Croatian champion Dinamo Zagreb, and Norwegian champion Molde. The influence of the Hungarian league is actually far less than that of the Swedish, Norwegian and Scottish leagues, but Ferencvaros has an advantage that their opponents cannot have: state support.


Hungarian Prime Minister Orban loves football. His dream since childhood was not to become prime minister, but to become a member of the Hungarian national team. Later, even if he entered politics, he never gave up his football hobby. At the age of 42 he still participated in football matches. Legend has it that he can watch 6 games in a row on his rest day.


But Orban invested in football not entirely because of his hobby, but because football is more useful to his political career. Orbán's support in Hungary is directly related to his long-term incitement of nationalism, and he does not hesitate to undermine the democratic system for personal power. He is very aware of the nostalgia of Hungarian football in the 1950s by the older generation of Hungary, and he also knows the disappointment of the new generation of Hungarian football, so he regards investing in football as an important strategic plan.


"Without national pride and national honor, football is meaningless. Football must be treated as an important part of our history and culture. In order to raise the next generation, maintain unity, and for the health of us and our family, football and sports are our Hungary The most important thing a person has. I believe we will regain our place in the world of football powers."


Orban and Ferenc Varos and Vidi Orton (White Castle) have the closest relationship. The two teams come from the two most important ancient capitals in Hungary, and the white castle is of great significance to the history of Hungary. Orban will go to the stadium to watch football, and has also appeared among the extreme fans of Ferencvaros-the extreme fans of this club are known for their extreme nationalism and racism. In the process of Orbán's onstage, Ferencvaros extreme fans played the role of the stormtrooper. The extreme right and violence have never been separated.

Orban和Ferenc Varos与Vidi Orton(白色城堡)关系最密切。两支队伍来自匈牙利两个最重要的古都,而白色城堡对匈牙利的历史具有重要意义。奥本(Orban)将前往体育馆观看足球比赛,并出现在费伦茨瓦洛斯(Ferencvaros)的极端粉丝中-该俱乐部的极端粉丝以极端的民族主义和种族主义而闻名。在Orbán登台的过程中,Ferencvaros的极限粉丝扮演了突击队的角色。极端权利和暴力从未分离。

Orban came to power in 2010. In 2011, he opened a big mouth for Hungarian big companies to sponsor sports. In short, Hungarian big companies can choose between paying taxes or sponsoring teams. There is no doubt that business owners are more willing to sponsor the team, because this also has an advertising effect. According to a report in 2018, more than 4 billion euros of funds have flowed into sports (including other sports and amateur events).


The most classic example of a club sponsored by a company is Puskas Academy, which won the Europa League qualification last season and was eliminated by the Swedish team Hammarby.


Orban usually played for Felcsút FC (Felcsút FC), his home country club, and later he changed from a player to a club chairman. Velchut FC moved from the sixth division to the Hungarian second division by helicopter.

Orban通常为他的故乡俱乐部FelcsútFC(FelcsútFC)效力,后来他从一名球员转为一名俱乐部主席。 Velchut FC用直升机从第六师转移到匈牙利第二师。

This club can always be sponsored, but a thousand people village club seems to be too prominent. So, this club suddenly changed its name-Puskas Academy. But Puskas had nothing to do with Felcutt for the rest of his life.


The club also decided to build a modern stadium. Although there are only 1,800 residents in the village, the stadium has a full 3,800 seats. Since there is no history and naturally no historical fans, Puskas Academy can only attract approximately 1,300 spectators per game. But their club budget ranks 3rd in the entire Hungarian league!


Although it was initially claimed that the club’s purpose was to train outstanding Hungarian local players, they are now on the road of burning money to support the team. A total of 32 foreign players have been introduced in 3 years. Of course, the strategy of burning money is successful, and reaching the Europa League qualifying tournament is not a small achievement. The current club chairman is no longer Orbán, but Orbán’s elementary school classmate Lelinz Mesaros, who went from a gas worker to one of the richest people in Hungary in a short time.

尽管最初声称该俱乐部的目的是培训优秀的匈牙利当地球员,但现在他们正在竭尽全力为球队提供支持。在三年内,总共引进了32位外国玩家。当然,烧钱的策略是成功的,达到欧罗巴联赛资格赛也不是一个小成就。现任俱乐部主席不再是奥尔班,而是奥尔班的小学同学Lelinz Mesaros,他在短时间内从一名加油站工人变成了匈牙利最富有的人之一。

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Several team owners in the Hungarian First Division are Orban’s party officials. For example, Thomas Deutsch, the owner of MTK Budapest, is the representative of Orban’s Fidesz in the European Parliament. Vidi Orton (White Castle) owner Estevan Gorontzsch is an entrepreneur friend of Orbán and has a vague title of tourism representative.

匈牙利第一师团的几名车队老板是奥本的党委官员。例如,MTK布达佩斯的所有者Thomas Deutsch是Orban的Fidesz在欧洲议会中的代表。维迪·奥顿(白色城堡)的所有者埃斯特万·哥伦茨(Estevan Gorontzsch)是奥尔班的企业家朋友,旅游代表的头衔含糊。

⁠The current chairman of Ferencvaros is named Gabor Kubatov. He is the person who once accompanied Orbán to the extreme fan stands, and is also Orbán's party official. For a long time, he has served as the liaison between the Orbán party and the extreme fans of Ferencvaros, and when Orbán needs people on the streets, there is always someone on standby.

⁠Ferencvaros的现任董事长为Gabor Kubatov。他是曾经陪伴奥尔班(Orbán)到极致粉丝站的人,也是奥尔班(Orbán)的政党官员。长期以来,他一直是奥尔班党与费伦茨瓦罗斯(Ferencvaros)极端粉丝之间的联络人,当奥尔班在街上需要人时,总会有人待命。

The sponsorship fee from the same source helped Ferenc Varos to build his new stadium. Of course, after Orbán’s position was firmly established, his party and Ferencvaros’ extreme fans deliberately kept a distance. After all, these people were so far right that there was no room for flexibility and disguise. They always sang loudly. Songs praising Auschwitz atrocities and Nazi history.

来自同一来源的赞助费帮助Ferenc Varos建造了他的新体育场。当然,在奥尔班的立场牢固确立之后,他的政党与费伦茨瓦罗斯的极端拥护者都故意保持距离。毕竟,这些人是对的,以至于没有灵活性和伪装的余地。他们总是大声唱歌。赞美奥斯威辛集中营的暴行和纳粹历史的歌曲。

But this is also the status quo of Hungarian football. Although the country has supported football at the expense of huge fiscal revenues, Hungarian football is still stagnant. The country has built at least 11 modern stadiums, but the league attendance is only a mere 3,000 people, many of which are extreme fans with violent tendencies.


The core industrialization appeal of nationalism is self-produced and self-sold. For football, it relies on its own youth training system to cultivate enough talents. But the best Hungarian football talents, such as Dominique Soboszlój of Red Bull Salzburg (above), are completely cultivated by foreign clubs.


Similarly, what can ultimately help Hungarian clubs solve their problems and help Hungarian football reach the Champions League is still using money to introduce foreign players. For example, this time Ferenc Varos broke into the final game of the Champions League. Only 4 of the 11 starters were local Hungarian players, and almost all the offense was given to foreigners. The best player is Norwegian striker Tokmac Nguen.

同样,最终可以帮助匈牙利俱乐部解决问题并帮助匈牙利足球打入冠军联赛的东西仍然是在花钱引进外国球员。例如,这次Ferenc Varos闯入了欧洲冠军联赛的决赛。 11名首发球员中只有4名是匈牙利本地球员,而且几乎所有进攻都是针对外国人的。最好的球员是挪威前锋托克马克·阮。

In the eyes of the media in Sweden and other countries, this also embarrassed Orban. Nguen's parents are both from South Sudan. He was born in a refugee camp in Kenya-oh, refugee, Orban, is it possible to be compatible? ——Nguen was accepted by Norway and grew up in Norway. In 2019, he was sold to Ferencvaros by Storm Gasset.

在瑞典和其他国家的媒体眼中,这也让Orban感到尴尬。阮的父母都来自南苏丹。他出生在肯尼亚的一个难民营中,哦,Orban难民,可以兼容吗? -阮被挪威接受并在挪威长大。在2019年,他被Storm Gasset卖给了Ferencvaros。

The offspring of this refugee not only grew up in the Norwegian football environment, but also received better civic education. After scoring a goal in a game this summer, he showed the words "Justice For George Floyd" on his chest, which made him criticized by the Hungarian Football Association. In the following game, Ferenc Varos fans placed an American far-right slogan "White Lives Matter" in the stands, but was not punished.

这个难民的后代不仅在挪威足球环境中长大,而且还接受了更好的公民教育。在今年夏天的一场比赛中进球后,他在胸口上显示了“为乔治·弗洛伊德(Justice For George Floyd)”字样,这使他受到匈牙利足球协会的批评。在接下来的比赛中,费伦茨·瓦罗斯(Ferenc Varos)球迷在看台上放置了美国极右翼的口号“白色生活”,但并未受到惩罚。

Of course, despite the controversy, the fact that the Hungarian team can enter the Champions League can be counted as a victory for Orban’s football image project. Orban is currently working hard to play another football card-"Great Hungarian Football Circle".

当然,尽管存在争议,但匈牙利队可以进入欧洲冠军联赛这一事实可以算作是Orban足球形象计划的胜利。 Orban目前正在努力打另一张足球卡-“匈牙利大足球圈”。

Anyone familiar with history knows that Hungary lost two-thirds of its territory after World War I, and Hungarian nationalists have always been concerned about this. So far, there have been a large number of Hungarian settlements in the countries surrounding Hungary, and these Hungarian descendants are very concerned about their language and cultural traditions.


The Hungarian government directly allocates funds to the Hungarian clubs in these areas, about 3 million euros per year, which is enough to feed a top-tier mid-range team in these countries. The clubs receiving the money include the Donau Stredad (Slovakia) , Shepsi (Romania), Osijek (Croatia), TSK (Serbia), Lundava Petroleum (Slovenia).

匈牙利政府直接向这些地区的匈牙利俱乐部分配资金,每年约300万欧元,足够养活这些国家的中高端团队。收到款项的俱乐部包括Donau Stredad(斯洛伐克),Shepsi(罗马尼亚),Osijek(克罗地亚),TSK(塞尔维亚),Lundava Petroleum(斯洛文尼亚)。

However, these Hungarian communities often have more than one team. Who is it for? For example, in Transylvania, where the population is large in Hungary, the most famous team is not Shepsy, but Cluj, the team that has monopolized the Romanian championship in recent years.


The only difference is that Shepsi comes from St. Georgi, whose Hungarian descent accounts for 75% of the population. Hungarian is also the working language of the Shepsi Club, while Cluj is a large city with a large population of Hungarian descendants, but 50 It was surpassed by Romanians in proportion after the decade. Now Cluj also ran to the Hungarian government for money, demanding as much money as Shepsi.

唯一的区别是,Shepsi来自圣乔治,其匈牙利血统占人口的75%。匈牙利语也是Shepsi Club的工作语言,而克卢日(Cluj)是一个拥有大量匈牙利后裔的大城市,但50年后,它在比例上被罗马尼亚人超越。现在,克卢日还向匈牙利政府跑钱,索取的钱与谢普斯一样多。

Frustration is a historical sentiment that the Hungarians have never improved after World War I. Can Orban really improve the national confidence of the Hungarians through football?


It may be difficult, there can be more money, but there is only one Puskas, this is even Puskas's original words.


Puskas once said to the Hungarian Minister of the Interior who is in charge of the security department, "Any stupid X can be the Minister of the Interior, but there is only one Puskas."-This is whether the famous saying really happened. No one can confirm it, but it is indeed circulated among the Hungarians and is also recorded by the writer Esterhazy. Perhaps this is the confidence that Hungarians want deep in their hearts, and the confidence of individuals standing in front of power.


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