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According to official FA news, Tottenham goalkeeper coach Nuno Santos has been suspended for one game for misconduct. He will miss the match between Tottenham and Chelsea in the League Cup early this morning, Beijing time.


On the evening of September 27, Beijing time, Tottenham drew 1-1 at home with Newcastle United in the third round of the Premier League. At the end of the match, Carroll headed for the top and the ball hit Dell's arm. The referee gave a penalty after the intervention of VAR. On a penalty kick, Wilson made a penalty and scored an absolute goal.

北京时间9月27日晚,热刺在英超联赛第三轮与纽卡斯尔联主场1-1战平。比赛结束时,卡洛尔冲顶,皮球击中了戴尔的手臂。 VAR介入后,裁判员判罚。威尔森罚中bet亚洲版一球,打进了绝对进球。

After the final whistle sounded, Tottenham goalkeeper coach Nuno Santos approached the field to discuss with the referee, and the referee Banks showed a red card.

哨声响起后,热刺的门将教练努诺·桑托斯(Nuno Santos)来到现场与裁判讨论,裁判银行发出红牌。

The Football Association penalized Nuno Santos for his actions. A spokesman for the FA said: "Tottenham goalkeeper coach Nuno Santos was suspended and fined 8,000 pounds after admitting to allegations of violating the FA E3 rules and accepting a standard fine."

足协对努诺·桑托斯的行为处以罚款。英足总发言人说:“热刺门将教练努诺·桑托斯在被指控违反FA E3规bet官网入口则并接受标准罚款后被停赛并罚款8,000英镑。”

"In Sunday's Premier League match against Newcastle United, he used insulting language to match officials at the match, and his behavior constituted misconduct."


In the early morning of September 30, Beijing time, in the fourth round of the English League Cup, Tottenham’s home game against Chelsea, Nuno Santos will not appear in the game.